Russian language and literature

Head of the department::

Kaldykozova Sandugash Erkinbekovna

Candidate of pedagogical sciences, associate professor


Address:  160018, the Republic of Kazakhstan, Shymkent, T.Tazhibayev street, 2 (Building Ν8), M.Auezov South Kazakhstan University, Faculty of Philology, department “Russian language and literature”, room 208.

Phone: (7252) 36-72-25
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General information

The history of the department dates back to 1998, when the South Kazakhstan Humanitarian University was created as a result of the reorganization of higher education institutions in South Kazakhstan (since 1998, after the merger of Humanitarian University with the technical university - M. Auezov South Kazakhstan State University.)

The Department of Russian Language and Literature of the Faculty of Philology of the SKU named after M. Auezov is a graduate of educational programs: bachelor's degree EP 6B01702 - «Russian language and literature», EP 6B02311 - «Philology: Russian language» and master's program, EP 7M02311 - «Philology: Russian language», EP 7M02309 - «Russian Philology», EP 7M02088 - «Media Linguistics and Editing». Since September 2021, students of the EP 6B01702 - "Russian Language and Literature" are studying in a dual form. Today, 30 teachers work at the department (1 doctor of science, 15 candidates of science, 9 masters of education), among them there are two holders of the grant "The best teacher of the university": Dzhilkishieva M.S., Zhumagulova Zh.Zh.

The department has achieved great success in the development of academic mobility of teachers. The holders of the educational grant under the Bolashak International Program are Candidate of Philological Sciences, Associate Professor Zhumagulova Zh.Zh. (Center named after V. Vysotsky for the Study of the Russian Language (Great Britain, Preston), Candidate of Philological Sciences, Associate Professor Shakenova M.T. (Nizhny Novgorod State University named after N.I. Lobachevsky (Russia, Nizhny Novgorod) , Dzhilkishieva MS (London, Institute of Education, University of London, Great Britain).

The department conducts a variety of social and educational work. Students and undergraduates actively participate in the scientific work and social life of the faculty, as well as the university.

Employees of the Department of Russian Language and Literature are well-known philologists in the country, the creators of linguistic and literary schools that determine the development of branch science in Kazakhstan in the context of modern theoretical and applied philology.

Graduates of the department work in all corners of our country and abroad. The department maintains contact with many universities, which enables it be aware of new developments both scientific and educational plans. The demand for young professionals who graduated from the university work in schools, on radio, television and press, so the department considers it as the most important achievement.
The department trains bachelors in the following spheres:

6В02311 - Philology (4 years - the academic degree of the bachelor);

6В01720 - Russian and literature (4 years - the academic degree of the bachelor)

The department trains masters in the following spheres:

7М02311 – Philology

7M02309 - "Russian Philology"

 7M02088 - "Medialinguistics and editorial work"

 Teachers' staff

There are 30 lecturers, including 1 Doctor of Philological sciences, 15 candidates of sciences, 9 of them are masters in the department.

Scientific life of the department

The department maintains close international relations with leading scientific and educational centers of the CIS countries (Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Uzbekistan) and far abroad countries (USA, Great Britain, Germany, Poland, Estonia, Japan, Turkey, Italy, Holland, Finland, Spain, Israel, Switzerland, Bulgaria). Teachers of the department undergo scientific internships in foreign universities. The institute of visit-professorship has been developed at the department: the leading scientists-philologists of the world (T.B. Radbil, V.P. Sinyachkin, A.I. Kulyapin and others) come to lecture every year.